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Principal's Message

Rakesh Mohan Pandey ( M.A., B.Ed. )

It is our pride and privilege to introduce our Website which is specially designed for our students as well as parents. It contains information regarding the school, Its vision, mission, policies and functioning.

SRMPIC’s educational philosophy aims to provide children with a broad based career oriented education which is student centered so that they grow up to be thinking persons equipped with the moral fibre and skill to excel in any situation.

The deluge of curricular as well as co-curricular activities organized gives an insight of the diverse potential in every student making victory their culture and humility their pride.

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the view of the students. Indelible expertise and the helping hand of experience enable our teaching faculty to teach with precision and foolproof accuracy. They not only possess academic brilliance but other qualities as well to fill the students with enthusiasm and hope and to teach them to listen to a variety of voices without allowing the cacophony around them to muffle the inner voice.

Students are the asset of any educational institution. It is your glimmer of determination which is going to make or mar your future. So dear students, utilize the opportunities provided to its maximum. In this techno savvy world of today in order to be competent you need to be hard working to make a difference in the society .

Let this new venture give an added laurel to your school life. Let it help you to be more humane, dynamic and vibrant in every sphere.